Keynsham Town Council

Councillors information

The Town Council is committed to working with the community of Keynsham (residents of all ages, local groups - both of interest and geography, voluntary sector, visitors and those working in the town) to improve the way it can contribute to the life of the town.

The Council will:

  • Act as a local democratic voice for all its residents
  • Work in partnership with other statutory and voluntary bodies, groups, agencies and individuals to  meet the needs of the community
  • Conduct its business openly and democratically
  • Consult with the community on relevant issues

This will be achieved by:

  • Informing - by making the community aware of local issues, initiatives, decisions, services and events
  • Consulting - seeking the views of the community
  • Involving - actively involving the community in  decision making
  • Acting together - where decisions are made in partnership with other agencies
  • Empowering - supporting independent community initiatives
  • Feedback - provide feedback to  the community on how their input has influenced the decisions made