Crest Nicholson have launched an information website in respect of these two planning applications. The objective of the website is to provide local residents with a direct point of contact with the company and easy access to the application plans including layout for the site, the landscape and the Design & Access Statement. Flyers announcing the website will be sent to 400 homes in the area surrounding the site.

The link for the website is:

Complaints - Development Sites in Keynsham

Keynsham East off Bath Road - Crest Nicholson

Residents concerns regarding construction vehicle movements at the development off Bath Road, Keynsham may be reported to the following numbers, where they will receive appropriate action. 0117 923 6000 and out of hours 0808 168 6172

Somerdale - Taylor Wimpey development -

24 hour telephone 'Customer Care Line' - 01454 628 417. Local residents concerns regarding the construction on this site may be reported to this number, where they will receive appropriate action.

Charlton Road - Barratt's Charlton Road site -

Telephone 'Customer Care Line' - 01454 202 202. For email complaints send your complaint to (marked with a reference - Barratt's site Charlton Road) and these will be forwarded to Barratt's for prompt action.

Planning Applications

You can view planning applications by entering an application reference or partial address in the Bath & North East Somerset search facility.

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Application reference Number Date Address Proposal Date of Keynsham Town Council Planning & Development Committee
20/01295/FUL08.04.202033 Martock RoadErection of a rear and side single storey extension18.05.2020 Pending consideration Pending consideration 
20/01277/OUT 07.04.2020 Treetops Nursing Home St. Clement's Road Redevelopment of the existing care home to provide a 78 no. bed space replacement care home, associated parking and hard/soft landscape works 18.05.2020 Pending consideration Pending consideration 
20/01182/TCA25.03.2020 Abbey House 3 Abbey Park Hawthorn, holly and ash (H1) - reduce to 1.5 metres in height, Beech (T1) crown reduce by 2 - 3 metres 06.04.2020 Noted pending consideration
20/01701/FUL24.03.2020 60 Chandos Road Erection of single storey rear extension, bay window at front, garden building, extension to existing dormers and front drive extension 06.04.2020 Support Pending consideration 
20/00278/FUL 23.03.2020Garages to rear of  63 to 69 Chandag road, Lambourn RoadErection of 8 no. storage units06.04.2020 Object Pending consideration 
20/00842/FUL 23.03.2020 52 Bath Road Single storey rear extension and part first floor extension 06.04.2020Support Pending consideration 
20/01029/FUL 12.03.202039 St. Francis RoadErection of single storey side and rear extensions to replace existing conservatory and single storey rear extension06.04.2020 Support with comments Pending consideration 
20/01046/FUL13.03.2020 8 Holcombe Grove Erection of front extension06.04.2020 Comments only

Pending consideration

20/01038/FUL 13.03.2020The Bungalow Parkhouse Lane Erection of new double garage and storage in the garden of The Bungalow      06.04.2020 Support Pending consideration 
20/00989/RES11.03.2020 154 Charlton Road Approval of reserved matters of application 19/02674/OUT (erection of 1 no. two-storey, two-bed dwelling attached to existing house with two allocated parking spaces (Outline application with all matters reserved 06.04.2020 Support Pending consideration 
20/00900/FUL 05.03.2020 Wellsway School Chandag Road Erection of temporary single storey modular building to provide two classrooms, toilets and associated storage for a period of 2 years 16.03.2020 SupportPending consideration 
20/00902/TCA04.03.2020 Edward Court Dapps Hill Alder (T15) Fell, alder (G14) Fell, Hazel (G10) coppice the 3 groups of stems to approx. 1 m from ground level on the edge of the riverbank 16.03.2020NotedNo obejction
20/00845/FUL 02.03.2020 13 Tamworth Road Erection of a single storey rear extension16.03.2020 Support Permitted
20/00901/FUL 03.03.2020 5 Mendip Close Erection of single storey side extension in place of existing car port   16.03.2020 Support Pending consideration 
20/00563/FUL 26.02.2020 26 Gaston AvenueErection of 1 no. 1 bed dwelling 16.03.2020 SupportPending consideration 
20/00752/AR 25.02.2020 Tesco Stores Limited 3 Bristol Road Display of 1 no. internally illuminated LCD media screen and 3 no. non-illuminated flag pole signs16.03.2020 SupportPending consideration 
20/00706/LBA 20.02.2020Rookehill Farmhouse 34 Wellsway Installation  of replacement windows and replacement of existing double doors to kitchen 16.03.2020 Support Permitted
20/00705/FUL 20.02.2020 Rookehill Farmhouse 34 Wellsway  Installation of replacement windows and replacement of existing double doors to kitchen 16.03.2020 SupportPermitted
20/000702/CLEU20.02.2020 Whitegate Nurseries Stockwood Hill Continued use of the site as a commercial garden centre (Certificate of Lawfulness for an Existing Use)   16.03.2020 Support Pending consideration 
20/00661/FUL 18.02.2020 Lays Farm business Centre Lays farm Trading Estate Retrospective application for erection of temporary construction compound 16.03.2020 Support Pending consideration 
20/00646/FUL18.02.2020 12 Chandos RoadErection of two storey rear extension following demolition of existing conservatory 16.03.2020 Support Pending consideration 
20/00606/VAR14.02..2020 Castle Primary School Newlands Road Variation of conditions 7 (Implementation of Wildlife Scheme) and 11 (Arboriculture - signed certificate of compliance) of Application  17/02178/REG03 (Extending the permission of existing temporary modular building and erection of single storey detached 4 no. classroom & hall extension and single storey entrance extension with associated works including extension of car park and hard & soft play areas 16.03.2020 SupportPending consideration
20/00608/FUL14.02.2020 22 Courtenay Erection of Gazebo in garden and venetian fencing to the top of existing boundary wall (retrospective)16.03.2020 Object Pending consideration
 20/00580/FUL12.02.202038 West View RoadErection of 2 no. dwellings to the rear of 38 and 40 West View Road following demolition of existing garages and outbuildings 24.02.2020 SupportPending consideration 
20/00572/TCA 11.02.2020 The Old BarnVarious works to 10 no. trees as described in 'proposed works' document 24.02.2020 Noted No objection
20/00504/FUL07.02.202016 Welland Road Erection of garden room following demolition of conservatory 24.02.2020 SupportPermitted
20/00363/FUL31.01.20204 Lytes Cary Erection of single storey rear extension to accommodate an open plan kitchen, dining and living space and associated works.  Erection of a first floor extension to be inline with neighbouring properties and associated works 24.02.2020 Support Permitted 
20/00364/TCA30.01.20202 Abbey Park T1 Wellingtonia - dead wood and removed crossing branches deemed unsafe, light crown lift, T2 Cherry - Reduce crown by 2 -3 m and thin, T3 Ash - Reduce crown by 2 - 3 m and thin, G1 Apple, cherry, Acer Negundo - Reduce crowns by 2 -3  m. G2 Apple - prune back from path 24.02.2020Noted No objection 
20/00337/FUL 30.01.2020 I J McGill Transport Limited Unity Road    Retention of building at front of property and installation of new door to retained building.  Reduction 03.02.2020 in size of door to Unit 1 previously approved24.02.2020SupportPermitted
20/00185/FUL29.01.202011 Winscombe CloseErection of 3 bed two storey dwelling to the rear of 11 Winscombe Close (Resubmission)   24.02.2020 Support Pending consideration 
20/00307/FUL 27.01.20201 Highfield RoadAlterations to existing extension and new single storey extension03.02.2020SupportPermitted
20/00306/FUL 27.01.2020Parkhouse Farm Parkhouse Lane    Change of use of existing outbuildings from garage and stables to holiday lets 03.02.2020 SupportPending consideration 
20/00298/COND 27.01.2020Stuart Court, Carpenters LaneDischarge of conditions 2, 6, 7 and 8 attached to application 19/00838/FUL (Erection of new two storey building to form studio flat with integral parking space following demolition of existing timber store.03.02.2020SupportPending consideration 
20/00278/FUL27.01.2020 Garages at rear of 63 to 69 Chandag Erection of 7 no. garages and 1 no. storage unit 03.02.2020 

Comment only

Pending consideration 
20/00205/FUL 20.01.2020 Keniston House 5 Queens RoadErection of first floor extension and front porch03.02.2020 Support Pending consideration 
20/00203/FUL20.01.2020 10 Chelmer Grove Erection of a 2 bed bungalow to the side of 10 Chelmer Grove    03.02.2020 ObjectPending consideration 
20/00175/FUL17.01.202020 Dragons Hill Gardens Erection of two storey side extension and single storey rear extension 03.02.2020 Object Pending consideration
20/00114/FUL 14.01.2020 1 Evenlode Way Erection lf first floor extension 03.02.2020 SupportPending consideration 
20/00113/FUL 14.01.202016 Priory Road Erection of front porch extension and single storey rear extension 03.02.2020SupportPermitted
19/04977/VAR 13.01.2020 10 Rhode CloseVariation of condition 2 attached to application 17/02861/FUL (Proposed construction of a two storey side and front extension following demolition of porch) 03.02.2020 SupportPermitted
19/05458/VAR 06.01.2020 Stockwood Vale Golf Club, Stockwood LaneVariation of condition 12 (External lighting) of application 18/05631/FUL13.01.20Support Pending consideration 
19/04075/VAR 06.01.2020 Parcel 2100, Parkhouse Lane Variation of condition 7 of application 16/02077/FUL (Residential development of q00 new dwellings, new vehicular access off Charlton Road and associated landscaping, drainage and infrastructure 13.01.20 SupportPending consideration 
20/0004/FUL 03.01.2020Avon Valley Farm Pixash Lane Erection of a dwelling following removal of existed outbuildings 13.01.20SupportPermitted
19/05541/FUL02.01.2020    Police Station Bath HillDemolition of buildings on site and erection of 9 dwelling, together with associated works   13.01.20SupportPending consideration 
19/05502/AR 23.12.19 34 High StreetDisplay of 1 no. non-illuminated header sign over ATM13.01.20 SupportPermitted
19/05475/FUL  19.12.1923 Chandos Road Erection of a two  storey rear extension with extended single storey side and rear extension13.01.20   SupportPermitted
19/05470/FUL   19.12.1992 Lays Drive Erection of two storey rear extension 13.01.20 Support Permitted 
19/05448/FUL    19.12.19 51 Bath Road Increase rear extension following removal of existing conservatory with associated works13.01.20 SupportPermitted
19/05230/FUL 17.12.19 71 St. Ladoc Erection of a single storey side/rear extension to crate a new master bedroom and porch area13.01.20 


19/05371/FUL 12.12.19113 Wellsway Conversion of garage13.01.20 SupportPending consideration 
19/09450/FUL 12.12.1937 St.George's RoadErection of 1 no. 3 bed dwelling13.01.20 SupportPermitted
19/05280/FUL12.12.19    Bath and Portland Stone, Old Station Yard Avon Mill LaneErection of 2 no. silos (Retrospective)13.01.20SupportPermitted
19/05134/FUL22.11.19191 Park RoadErection of two storey extension following demolition of garage 16.12.19Support Permitted 
19/05133/FUL22.11.19213 Bath Road Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of a 78 bedroom care home (Use class C2) with associated access, parking, landscaping and site infrastructure 16.12.19 SupportPending consideration
19/05093/FUL 22.11.197 Tennyson CloseErection of two storey side extension16.12.19Support Permitted
19/05060/FUL 21.11.19 60 St. Clement's RoadDemolition of the outbuilding and erection of single storey rear and aide extension 16.12.19SupportPermitted 
19/05035/FUL20.11.1930 Gaston AvenueErection of first floor rear extension and ground floor rear extension and ground floor rear alterations including associated demolitions 16.12.19 Support Permitted 
19/05407/AR20.11.19Street Record Hicks Gate Roundabout4 x free standing 1200 mm x 600 mm signs secured by two posts to ground 16.12.19SupportConsent
19/04964/FUL14.11.1943 Charlton Park Erection of detached 2 storey dwelling on land to the rear of 43 Charlton Park25.11.19 SupportPending consideration 
19/04977/VAR 15.11.19 10 Rhode Close Variation of condition 2 attached to application 17/02861/FUL (Proposed construction of a two storey side and front extension following demolition of porch). 25.11.19Objectpending consideration
19/04911/RES12.11.19 Miland House 4 Rock Roadapproval of reserved maters (landscaping) for application 16/03306/OUT (Erection of a building comprising a convenience store, 15 no. flats and 1 no. maisonette following demolition of the existing office building and detached dwelling house).    25.11.19SupportApproved 
19/04929/D6A13.11.19   The Chocolate Quarter Trajectus WayApplication to discharge Part 2 relating to the travel plan and travel plan coordinator of section 106 agreement dated 9th November 2016 of application 15/04706/EFUL25.11.19ObjectSatisfied 
19/04762/FUL01.11.19 Dominos Ashmead Road Installation of 2 no. rapid electric vehicle charging stations situated in 2no. existing parking spaces (in car park next to Dominos) with associated equipment 25.11.19 SupportPermitted
19/03356/LBA31.10.19 Keynsham Conservative Club 22 High Street External alterations to replace windows to front elevation (Regularisation)  25.11.19ObjectRefused 
19/04740/TCA 30.10.19 Rookehill Farmhouse 34 Wellsway 5 no. Sycamore trees - prune25.11.19 Noted No Objection
19/04756/FUL 05.11.19 155 Wellsway Erection of single storey side extension 25.11.19 SupportPending consideration 
19/04405/FUL04.11.19Former Keynsham Fire Station, Temple Street Development of a Boutique Hotel, nine Residential Apartments, two retail units, a restaurant, office accommodation and new public space to follow demolition of the Old Fire Station25.11.19ObjectWithdrawn 
19/04639/FUL11.11.1957 Bath Road Erection of new garage following removal of existing REVISED PLANS 25.11.19SupportPermitted
19/04602/FUL 28.10.19 2 Maesbury Road Erection of two storey extension at the front of the building (Amendment to planning application 18/01559/FUL). Erection of a fence to the right side boundary (Retrospective) 04.11.19 Object Permitted
19/04570/REM28.10.197 Hornbeam WalkRemoval of condition 5 (highways construction management plan) of application 16/03427/FUL (Erection of three bedroomed semi-detached house within existing garden area no. 7 Hornbeam Walk, Keynsham 04.11.19 Noted Permitted
19/04598/FUL 25.10.19Amenity Green Glebe AvenueErection of two semi-detached dwellings. 04.11.19 ObjectRefused
19/04542/FUL24.10.19Parcel 8108 Bath Erection of 9 no. dwellings with access from Bath Road (via access approved under outline permission 16/00850/OUT) and associated works            04.11.19SupportPending consideration
19/04542/FUL24.10.19 57 Bath Road Erection of new garage following removal of existing                        04.11.19 Support Pending consideration 
19/04561/FUL 18.10.1915 Barnard Walk Erection of 2 bed dwelling     04.11.19Support Refused
19/04513/FUL16.10.199 Rhode CloseErection of first floor front extension and single storey rear extension and extension to  garage    04.11.19 ObjectPending consideration 
19/01818/FUL07.10.19 Breaches Farm House Cherwell Road Erection of two-storey extension (REVISED PLANS)04.11.19 ObjectPermitted 
19/04395/FUL 14.10.19 52 Bath Road Erection of single storey rear extension for disabled persons use 04.11.19 Support with conditionPermitted
19/04382/TPO09.10.19 Street Record The Homestead Sever and remove ivy from bases t 1.5m x 11 pines, x 2 ash & 1 x hawthorn in fenced off area of field: adjacent to 3rd party properties04.11.19 NO RESPONSE REQUIREDCONSENT 
19/04298/FUL07.10.19 8 Avon RoadRemoval of the front elevation of the house to the level of the top of the bay window due to structural movement.  Rebuild front elevation using the existing materials and to the same design.  Erection of garden shed (Retrospective)04.11.19 SupportPermitted
19/04354/FUL08.10.1916 Cleeve Grove Replacement of existing garage with one bed dwelling (Revised proposal)04.11.19 ObjectWithdrawn 
19/04231/TCA27.09.19 14 Avon Road2 no. Hazel - Crown reduction, tree reduction to a height  of approx. 13ft.  1 No. Hazel - Crown reduction, tree reduction to approx. 10ft04.11.19 NotedPending consideration 
19/04299/FUL07.10.193 Trent Grove First floor extension to contain new stair to loft.  Replace roof with a new gable ended structure and create new accommodation in loft space 04.11.19ObjectWithdrawn
19/04288/FUL   01.10.191 Back LaneErection o lean-to conservatory to side extension 04.11.19ObjectWithdrawn
19/04289/LBA    01.10.191 Back Lane Erection of lean-to conservatory to side elevation04.11.19 Object


19/01818/FUL   27.09.19Breaches Farm House Cherwell RoadErection of two storey extension (REVISED PLANS) 04.11.19ObjectPending consideration 
19/03884/FUL25.09.19    Little Orchard Dapps Hill Conversion of bungalow into two-storey dwelling with front and rear dormer windows and erection of front porch07.10.19SupportPermitted 
19/04191/FUL   25.09.19   49 Sherwood RoadErection of a single storey rear extension 07.10.19 SupportPending consideration 
19/04154/FUL 24.09.19 Breaches Farm House Cherwell RoadErection of two storey extension (Resubmission)07.10.19 WithdrawnWithdrawn 
19/03890/AR19.09.1910 High StreetDisplay of shop signage and 'A' Board 07.10.19 SupportConsent
19/03889/FUL19.09.19 10 High Street Change of use from A1 to A3 07.10.19 SupportPermitted 
19/03673/FUL 17.09.19   37 St.George's RoadErection of 2 no. two bed dwellings on land adjacent to 16 Selworthy Close 07.10.19 ObjectWithdrawn
19/04075/VAR    17.09.19Parcel 2100 Parkhouse LaneVariation of condition 7 of application 16/02077/FUL (Residential development of 100 new dwellings, new vehicular access off Charlton Road and associated landscaping, drainage and infrastructure works 07.10.19 SupportPermitted
19/04098/TCA18.09.19 The Brass Mill Avon Mill    Ash T1 - Raise crown to 5 metres to ensure clearance over highway.  Lawson T2, T3, T4 Raise crown to 4 metres to clear roof and for aesthetic reasons 



NotedNo Objection
19/03876/FUL02.09.19 11 Winscombe CloseErection of 3 bed two storey dwelling to the rear of 11 Winscombe Close 07.10.19 Support Pending consideration 
19/02161/LBA02.09.19 The Grange Hotel 42 Bath RoadInternal and external alterations to include replacement of dilapidated windows    09.09.19SupportConsent
19/01163/FUL30.08.19 Police Station Bath HillErection of two buildings to provide 26 apartments, together with associated works, following demolition of existing buildings 09.09.19 ObjectPending consideration 
19/03857/LBA 02.09.19 The Grange Hotel 42 Bath Road External alterations for repair works to historic windows in principal northern and eastern elevations09.09.19 SupportConsent
19/03720/FUL29.08.1931 Torridge Road Erection of 2 detached bungalows09.09.19 SupportWithdrawn 
19/03561/FUL   27.08.19 65 St. Ladoc Road Erection of attached dwelling 09.09.19 ObjectRefused
19/03742/FUL 21.08,1934 Balmoral Road Erection of double storey side and single storey rear extensions09.09.19 ObjectPending consideration 
19/03698/FUL21.08.1910 Torridge Road Erection of a two storey dwelling with parking and associated works following the demolition of a garage    09.09.19Object Permitted
19/03654/LBA15.08.19The Brass Mill Avon Mill LaneInternal and external alterations for the provision of lights and fences externally and alterations to bar, screens, doors and seating internally 09.09.19SupportConsent
19/01872/FUL16.08.194 Cedar DriveDropped kerb and installation of driveway 09.09.19 SupportPermitted
19/03503/FUL 06.08.19 16 Hardington Drive Erection of first floor extension over existing garage 19.08.19 Support Permitted
19/03132/FUL01.08.19Stockwood Vale Golf Club, Stockwood LaneExtension to clubhouse to provide additional entrance with disabled toilet and external patio 19.08.19 Support Pending consideration 
 19/02117/FUL   24.07.19Broadlands Farm, St. Francis RoadErection of two-storey rear extension above existing side building   19.08.19Object Refused
19/03539/LBA 07.08.19 The Brass Mill, Avon Mill LaneExternal alterations to include the installation of  signage including post, directional plaques and lighting 19.08.19 SupportConsent
19/03538/AR   07.08.19The Brass Mill, Avon Mill Lane Installation of signage including post, directional, plaques and lighting19.08.19Support Consent
19/03327/FUL 25.07.19 59 Hurn Lane    Erection of porch to front elevation 19.08.19 ObjectPermitted 
19/03135/FUL23.07.1951 Lockingwell RoadProvision of loft conversion by removing existing hip with a gable end roof replacement and a rear dormer 19.08.19 Support Permitted 
19/02002/FUL17.07.1992 Lays DriveErection of two storey and single storey rear extensions (Resubmission)         29.07.19 Support Object
19/03050/OUT10.07.19 10 Bath RoadErection of 1 no. new dwelling with parking and associated works to the rear of no. 10 Bath Road, to follow demolition of 1 no. garage (Outline application all matters reserved) 29.07.19 SupportPermitted
19/02919/MINW 04.07.19Resourceful Earth Ltd Charlton Field Lane QCA revised layout and design to the existing AD Plant (approved under 13/4126/MINIW) with removal of all bund walling, pons and soil & stock piles on site with introductions of hard standing, parking, bund walling silage clamps, CNC gas compressing compound, digestate storage bunker and associated digestate lagoon, gas to  grid equipment, a new site office with associated landscaping and drainage infrastructure 29.07.19 Comments onlyPending consideration 
19/02805/FUL05.07.19 Flat 1 Louise Place Dapps Hill Replacement of wooden windows with UPVC 29.07.19SupportPermitted
19/02668/FUL 08.07.19IJ Mc Gill Transport Ltd Unity Road   Change of use of part of existing warehouse B8 use to Sui Generis Builders Merchant. Demolition of Garage repair workshop 29.07.19 SupportPermitted
19/02961/FUL 04.07.1943 Manor Road Erection of a single storey rear conservatory following removal of conservatory29.07.19 SupportPermitted
19/02946/FUL 03.07.19 Former Natwest Bank - 26 High StreetChange of use from bank (Use Class A2) to day nursery (Use Class D1) and associated works 29.07.19 ObjectConsent
19/02942/LBA 03.07.19Former Natwest Bank - 26 High Street Internal and external alterations for the change of use from (Use class A2) to a day nursery (Use Class D1) and associated works and installation of  1 no. fascia sign and 1 no. hanging sign on main (eastern) elevation2929.07.19 ObjectConsent
19/02947/FUL 03.07.19Former Natwest Bank - 26 High Street Erection of 1 no. non-illuminated fascia sign and 1 no. non-illuminated hanging sign on main (eastern) elevation29.07.19ObjectPermitted 
19/02866/FUL 26.06.19 2 Wayford Close Erection of a first floor extension above an existing porch with pitched roof to provide a larger bedroom space 08.07.19 ObjectPermitted
19/02819/FUL 25.06.19First Floor Flat 30 Charlton Road Erection of two loft dormers to accommodate a new 1 bed dwelling 08.07.19 SupportObject 
19/02897/FUL28.06.19Batemans Skip Hire Broadmead Lane Industrial Estate Change of use of two parcels of land from equipment hire yard and offices (Sui Generis) and car repair garage (Class B2) to waste transfer operation in association with existing use on adjoining site (Sui Generis).  Proposed demolition of existing building and replacement with single storey open sided warehouse, and installation of new picking line to link with existing equipment (Retrospective)08.07.19 Support Permitted 
19/00830/FUL17.06.19 34 West View Erection of single storey rear extension 08.07.19 SupportPending consideration 
19/02685/FUL 17.06.19 3 Handel Road   Proposed single storey extension to rear of property and loft conversion to main roof  08.07.19SupportPermitted
19/02674/FUL 17.06.19 154 Charlton Road Erection of 1 no. two-storey, two-bed dwelling attached to existing house with two allocated parking 08.07.19ObjectPermitted 
19/02681/OUT 17.06.199 Walnut CloseErection of a new dwelling (Out line application with access and scale to be determined and all other matters reserved 08.07.19 ObjectRefused
19/02689/FUL 17.06.1931 Holmoak RoadErection of side extension to provide porch and ground floor w.c.    08.07.19 SupportPermitted
19/02654/FUL14.06.19 95 Chandag Road Demolition of existing single storey rear extension and rebuild together with new single storey side extension08.07.19Support Permitted
19/02595/FUL12.06.1918 Broadlands Avenue Installation of hip to gable loft conversion with rear dormer (retrospective)08.07.19 SupportPermitted
19/02515/LBA 11.06.19Pixash Lane Bridge Pixash Lane External alterations to raise the heights of parapet walls and install railings, anti -climb chamfers, warning signs and overhead line equipment 08.07.19SupportConsent 
19/02516/LBA 10.06.19 Clay Bridge Worlds End Lane External alterations to existing bridge parapets, to include installation of railings, anti-climb chamfers, warning signs and overhead line equipment08.07.19SupportConsent
19/02137/FUL10.06.19 Land buildings between The Spinney and Barn Cottage Old Bristol Road Conversion and extension of existing barn to 1 no. dwelling, demolition of outbuildings and associated works 08.07.19 ObjectPermitted
19/02478/FUL07.06.1930 Windrush RoadErection of a two storey rear extension17.06.19ObjectPending consideration
19/01067/FUL05.06.19Garage adjacent to Appledore Stockwood HillErection of replacement garage with workshop following removal of existing derelict structure


19/02512/FUL 06.06.1926 - 28 Bristol RoadErection of first floor extension over garage 17.06.19SupportPermitted
19/02345/LBA 05.06.19Durley Hill House Old Bristol Road Internal and external alterations for the erection of conservatory to replace existing with associated internal and external works 17.06.19SupportWithdrawn
19/02344/FUL 05.06.19 Durley Hill House Old Bristol Road Erection of conservatory to replace existing with associated internal and external works 17.06.19 SupportWithdrawn
19/02460/FUL05.06.1944 Linnet Way Proposed conservatory to the rear of the house 17.06.19 SupportPermitted
19/02343/FUL    03.06.19111 Chandag RoadErection of a single storey rear and 1st floor side extension over widened garage 17.06.19 SupportPermitted 
19/02415/FUL 30.05.19 5 Priory Road Replacement of existing garage with a new garden and storage room and associated works 17.06.19Comments onlyPermitted
19/02412/FUL 31.05.1917 Broadlands AvenueLoft conversion with alterations to roofline and rear dormer with juliette balcony (Retrospective) 17.06.19 Support Refused
19/02328/FUL28.05.19The Charlton Longmeadow Road Erection of single storey rear extension, new disabled access ramp and vehicular access with dropped kerb along with new children's play rear, covered seating area with lighting and air input cowl to kitchen following blocking up of existing vehicular access and removal of 1 no. tree 17.06.19Support Permitted
19/02298/FUL24.05.192 Sunnymead Erection of 1.5 m high wall and gates to front of property17.06.19 ObjectRefused
19/02261/ELEC22.05.19Parcel 5600 Parkhouse Lane New pole and stay to existing line, to facilitate drainage works for a nearby housing development, which would otherwise conflict with the existing stay wire17.06.19   SupportNo objection 
19/02154/FUL  17.05.19  Hand car wash 231 - 233 Bath Road Erection of canopy for Hand Car Wash (Retrospective)     17.06.19  Support  Permitted 
19/02131/FUL  16.05.19  51 Hurn Lane Changes to existing roof with rear and front dormers  17.06.19  Object Permitted
19/02046/FUL  10.05.19  24 Culvers Road  Erection of new attached garage following removal of existing conservatory and detached garage  20.05.19  Support with conditions  Permitted
19/01818/FUL     09.05.19 Breaches Farm House Cherwell Road  Erection of two Storey extension  20.05.19  Object  Pending consideration
19/02002/FUL  08.05.19 92 Lays Drive Erection of two storey and single storey rear extensions (Resubmission)  20.05.19  Support Pending consideration 
19/01733/FUL    08.05.19  39 - 41 Cedar Drive     Subdivision of existing dwelling into 2 no. dwellings    20.05.19  Support Permitted
19/01871/FUL 03.05.19 26 Wellsway  Demolition of existing balcony and creation of lower ground floor rear extension with new access and internal arrangements  20.05.19  Support Permitted 
19/01869/VAR  30.04.19  231 - 233 Bath Road  Variation of condition 2 of application 13/04630/FUL to change the opening hours for the restaurant, but the opening hours for the car wash to remain as 0700 - 1900 (Change of use from Car Showroom and Sales Forecourt to Mixed Use Development of A1/A3 Coffee Shop and Hand Car Wash Business (Part Retrospective)  20.05.19  Support Permitted
19/01897/FUL     01.05.19  The Steel Mill Steel Mills  Erection of garage store/workshop (retrospective)        20.05.19  Object revised to support Permitted 
19/01860/FUL  30.04.19  12 Chewton Close  Erection of single storey side extension to provide utility room and upgrading of fabric  to existing rear conservatory  20.05.19  Support Permitted 
19/01489/AR 30.04.19 The Charlton, Longmeadow Road  Display of 1 no. externally illuminated double sided pictorial  sign, 2 no. non illuminated amenity boards, 1 no. non-illuminated sign written lettering display, 1 no. externally illuminated fascia panel, 1 no. non-illuminated amenity board, 5 no. flood lights and 1 no. lantern  20.05.19  Comments Permitted
19/01695/FUL  17.04.19  Parcel 5975 St. Clement's Road Creation of permanent access into field with gate following partial reinstatement of original wall  20.05.19  Object  Permitted
19/01497/FUL  17.04.19 48 St. Clement's Road  Provision of dropped kerb to enable off-street parking  20.05.19  Support with conditions  Permitted
19/01185/FUL  29.04.19 39 Charlton Road  Removal of section of front garden wall to create access for parking.  Installation of a block paving driveway  20.05.19  Support with conditions Permitted
19/0095/FUL  29.04.19  48 Chandos Road  Proposed loft conversion and fist floor extension  20.05.19  Support  Permitted
19/00924/FUL  17.04.19  The Grange Hotel 42 Bath Road External alterations for the removal of  existing blown sand and cement render to all four main facades and provision of new lime render  20.05.19  Support Consent
19/00590/FUL08.04.19 2 MayfieldsErection of 4 no. flats on land adjacent to 2 Mayfields  23.04.19 SupportPermitted 
19/01384/FUL  08.04.19  Land adjoining 45 Hurn Lane  Erection of single garage to the rear 23.04.19  Support Permitted
19/01321/TCA  01.04.19  1 Back Lane  Walnut Tree - Prune approximately 1 metre all over  23.04.19 Noted  No objection
19/01420/FUL  05.04.19  37 St. Francis Road  Erection of a single storey ground floor rear extension to enlarge kitchen  23.04.19 Support Permitted
19/01364/FUL  03.04.19 16 Cleeve Grove  Conversion and extension of existing garage to form 2 bed dwelling  23.04.19 Object  Refused
19/01337/FUL  04.04.19  170 Charlton Road  Erection of a two storey side extension to match existing dwelling  23.04.19  Support Permitted
19/01217/FUL  25.03.19  39 Chandos Road  Erection of single storey rear extension  23.04.19 Support Permitted
19/01341/FUL  02.04.19  117 Chandag Road     Erection of a single storey rear extension.  Erection of a first floor side extension over new garage following removal of garage  23.04.19  Support with comment Permitted
19/01254/FUL  27.03.19  47 Caernaervon Road  Erection of two storey side extension  23.04.19  Support Permitted
19/01163/FUL 26.03.19  Police Station Bath Hill Erection of two buildings to provide 30 apartments, together with associated works, following demolition of existing buildings  23.04.19 Object  Refused
19/01300/FUL 01.04.19  Keynsham Paper Mill Avon Mill Lane Keynsham Paper Change of Use from B2 Recycyling Plant to B8 Warehouse and Distribution
23.04.19  Comment only  Permitted
19/00608/VAR 21.02.19 Parcel 4200 Parkhouse Lane  Variation  of condition 9 for application 12/03589/VAR (Variation of conditions 15, 16, 17 and 18 of application 09/04351/FUL allowed on appeal 22nd July 2011 (Hybrid planning application for a housing led mixed use development comprising 285 dwellings, retail accommodation, flexible business/employment floor space, affordable housing, formation of new vehicular, pedestrian and cycle accesses, pedestrian and cycle improvements to Parkhouse Lane, formal and informal public open space including junior playing pitch and associated changing rooms and parking facilities, together with landscaping and tee planting and ancillary works including drainage (Full Application) and extension to Castle Primary School (Outline Application, All Matter Reserved) to enable highway works on Park Road to commence prior to the completion of the further contaminated land investigations which will be undertaken upon demolition of buildings on the site.  11.03.19 Comments only  Pending consideration