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TimeOut Youth Centre

TimeOut Youth Centre, 16 Bath Hill, Keynsham BS31 1HG

OPENING TIMES - 13-19 years

MONDAY 18.30-20.30 - 'Cookability' - ASDAN 'Foodwise' short course
TUESDAY 19.00-21.30 - Open access
WEDNESDAY 19.00-21.00 - Project Night - Currently Young Peoples Sexual Health until 31/03/2017.
THURSDAY 19.00-21.00 - Open access
FRIDAY 18.00-20.30 - Pilot Detached/Outreach Project at Tintagel, up until 31/03/2017. 

 cake decorating
Above: Cooking Sessions at TimeOut                                                           

January-March 2017

TimeOut Youth Centre

TimeOut Youth Centre operates Drop In sessions on Tuesdays & Thursdays 7pm-9.30pm for 13-19 year olds. There is a 50p entry fee and activities include cooking sessions, music studio recording, filming project, pool, computers for internet use, CV workshops & job searches and arts & crafts.

Wednesdays at TimeOut Youth Centre are project & workshop nights and the projects over January -March are young peoples sexual health workshop, relationships, health & beauty and how to beat the winter blues.

Wednesday sessions are free however, there are limited places per project or workshop so if interested make sure you get your name down quickly.

As of end of February 2017 TimeOut will be running specialist cooking sessions on Mondays 6.00-8.30pm and this will be for young people aged 11-18yrs old. There will be structured activities as well as a homework.

The new Monday session is a specialist session focusing on cooking. It will be accredited through ASDAN via BANES Youth Connect. The course is limited to 12 places and will run from February through to June. The session will cover the following topics:

Healthy Eating
Basic Food Safety
Food Preparation and Presentation
Cooking on a Budget
The Food Industry
Practical Cooking Skills

The course will culminate in an evening where the group will prepare and cook a meal for an invited list of people from Keynsham and then be presented with their certificate of achievement from ASDAN. 


The Youth Council for Keynsham

Since 1991, the town of Keynsham has boasted a Town Council and since 2015 the town has had a Youth Town Council.

The Youth Town Council is called KeynshamNow, a name chosen by the young people. 

The objectives of KeynshamNow are:-

  • To provide a voice for all the young people in Keynsham.


  • To liaise with Keynsham Town Council and other elected representative to ensure that local authorities know the views of young people.


  • To pursue issues related to the young.  Our current concerns are Bullying, Illegal Drugs and the Equally of Punishment for Crimes that young people commit.


KeynshamNow consists of 5 elected members, serving for 2 years, each from the two secondary schools of Broadlands and Wellsway, together with young people representing various voluntary organisations in the town, from Time Out, @one, Ignite, Butterflies and the Air Cadets.

We are at a very early stage in the development of KeynshamNow, please communicate with us via facebook and twitter if you believe you can assist with our further development.


youth council 


Young People show that politics is not just for adults.

Whoever said that young people are disengaged from the political process did not see the pupils of Broadlands School participate within the elections of their Youth Council representatives. Pupils of Broadlands School who live in Keynsham had the opportunity to vote and with over a 95% turn-out it was so positive to see our next generation being a role model to us within the adult community.

Not only were young people involved with voting but they also supported 2 of our Town Councillors behind the scenes with the counting of votes.

11 Broadlands students put their names forward and 5 were successfully elected to KeynshamNow.  They were joined for the first full meeting of KeynshamNow along with 5 students from Wellsway School.  The elected members, together with the core group which formed in the autumn from youth groups in the town make up KeynshamNow. 

The lead mentor for KeynshamNow said: “It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm of youngsters discussing issues that directly concern them; these include bullying and educating those taking illegal drugs or legal highs”. KeynshamNow are in touch with experts in those areas who will be addressing the April meeting of the group.  The Keynsham Town Youth Council now fully exists and aims to ensure that Keynsham is a great place to be a young person.