The pitches available for hire are situated at: Manor Road, Keynsham BS31 1RD  Map     

Football Pitch


Football Pitch









(i)               No sub‑letting of pitches is permitted.

(ii)              Any equipment or property left in changing room accommodation is done so at the risk of the hirer.

(iii)            The hirer is in all instances required to indemnify the Town Council against any claim for personal loss or injury arising out of the use of any facility, including damage to property. A copy of your teams public liability insurance is requested.

(iv)             Charges are published on a separate leaflet. The Town Council reserves the right to vary such charges at its discretion. The junior rate is applicable in the case of teams in which the majority of players are under 17 years of age.

(v)              The Football Season is regarded as commencing not before the last Saturday in August and ending not later than the first Sunday in May. Bookings will only be accepted outside these dates at the discretion of the Town Council.

(vi)             Bookings may be made on:‑

(a) an individual match basis;

(b) a seasonal basis (i.e. up to 20 matches within the season).

Upon receipt of a booking application form, written confirmation will be issued which may be presented to Leagues as proof of a home pitch.

(vii)      Seasonal bookings are payable in two sums i.e. 50% by 30th September and the remaining 50% by 1st January. For casual bookings, requests for payment will be issued for each match as and when appropriate.

(viii)     No refunds can be made in respect of matches booked and paid for but unused. However, every effort will be made to re‑arrange matches postponed with due notice or because of bad weather.

            (ix)       Dates of Home matches must be notified on your fixtures list in advance when returning the completed application form, to avoid the possibility of double booking. Cancellations/postponements (except those due to bad weather) must be notified at least one week before the date of play. Failure to do so may result in an additional charge being made.

(x)        If you are seeking to pay the discounted local charge *(see note below) then it will be necessary for you to provide a full list of the names and addresses of all team players as submitted by your club to the Football Association so that the Town Council can verify that charge is applicable. This list should accompany the booking form.

(xi)       Priority in booking pitches will be given to teams wholly or partly based in Keynsham.

(xii)          The Town Council reserves the right to cancel any fixtures.

(xiii)         Allocation of pitches is at the discretion of the groundsman on duty not the team playing.



(i)                The facilities provided by the Town Council comprise the pitch and changing accommodation, that has showers, hot water and lighting. The Town Council is also responsible for cleaning and pitch marking.

(ii)              The goal nets and corner posts are not provided at any location. Items not included are the responsibility of the hirer.

(iii)             Teams are reminded that they must leave the pitch in the condition they found it ready for play i.e. Teams must not leave litter, bottles, cans, food, items of clothing or goal post tape on pitches. This includes away teams. Changing rooms must be left tidy.

Football Pitch 

Football Pitch

To qualify for a Local Team at least 50% of the players must be Keynsham residents and a list of names and addresses will be required to qualify for this local rate prior to invoice and payment.

All enquiries and details regarding these charges etc. should be directed to the TownCouncil (Telephone 0117 986 8683) email: 

Application forms can be downloaded here

Application Form for hire of football pitches at Manor Road, Keynsham