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Bath and North East Somerset Council
The site contains useful information for anyone living in, studying in, working in, or visiting Bath & North East Somerset. It also provides details of the democratic and other processes within B.A.N.E.S. Council, as well as other useful facilities such as online Council Tax payment.

Somerset Farmers' Market including Keynsham Farmers' Market

Take a trip to Keynsham farmers' markets where you can buy fresh, nutritious, good quality food direct from the person who actually produced it. All the food on sale is either grown or produced locally, so as well as buying something delicious you'll also be supporting the local community and economy. Farmers' Markets are run regularly by Somerset Farmers' Markets throughout the region.
Sports Clubs
Fry Club Junior FC's

Keynsham Leisure Centre 
Somerdale Pavilion 
Sport Wellsway