Keynsham Music Festival


Due to the temporary closure of the Town Council Office, tickets for the 2019 Music Festival will be available in Keynsham Library at the following times:

  • Monday 10am - 12noon
  • Thursday 10am - 12noon

Tickets can also be purchased 24/7 online at:

For all general enquiries:

Volunteering at the Festival

The Keynsham Music Festival is the biggest community event in our town. Each year, hundreds of people volunteer to make the festival happen in countless ways. A vital task requiring a large number of volunteers is collecting donations at the gates as residents come to enjoy the festivities. Without donation volunteers, the festival would be almost impossible to finance.

We would be extremely grateful if you could please offer an hour or two of your time to help with these collections. All collectors will get a token to receive a free hot drink in the festival green room and anyone who collects for two hours or more will also get a free Ploughman's lunch.


If you can assist please email Andy or call 0117 9867389


If you can assist please email Jackie or call 01225 395951 stating which times, from 11am - 6pm, you are available