Update 30/03/2020

Works update:THTTC2166

A section of Saltford High Street will be closed for a maximum period of 15 days from Monday 20th April 2020.

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Footpath works 14/02/2020

Update from Bath & North East Somerset Council regarding footpath works in Keynsham:

A map of the footpath in Keynsham

During February and March 2020, Bath and North East Somerset Council will be carrying out surfacing works to the sections of public footpaths BA27/27 and BA27/28 shown coloured green on the below plan between points A, B and C. The footpath will be surfaced with tarmac, the bridge at point B will be replaced and associated tree works will be carried out to facilitate the surfacing works.

If you have any queries please contact Cheryl Hannan (PROW Inspector) on 01225477623 or at Cheryl_Hannan@BATHNES.GOV.UK

Update 06/02/2020

Works update:THTTC2155

A section of Culvers Road will be closed for a maximum period of 5 days from Tuesday 3rd March 2020.

For full details and an alternative route

Update 21/01/2020

Works update: THTTC2141

Footpath BA27/28 will be closed for up to 6 months from 12th February 2020.

An alternative route is marked by the red line in the image:

THTTC2141 Footpath BA27/28 temporary closure and alternative route

You can find full details on on the Roadworks section of the Bath and North East Somerset Council website:

Update 09/01/2020

Monmouth Road closure - February 2019

Monmouth Road in Keynsham will be closed from Monday 3rd February 2020 for approximately 5 weeks (maximum 7 weeks).

Full details and altrernative routes (THTTC2145)