Keynsham Music Festival


Keynsham Music Festival 2022

We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year!!  Be sure to come along and join in with the celebrations!  Our festival week is Monday 27th June to Sunday 3rd July 2022.  Please visit our website for further details

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We were about to announce a new sponsor partnership with Truespeed and I include an extract from their Regional Manager, as it sums up what we as volunteers feel about this festival of ours…

“As a Keynsham resident myself, I know how much the festival means to the community and the local businesses that are involved. It’s amazing that an event of this size and calibre is organised purely by volunteers and is a huge testament to the incredible things that can be done when local people work together.

The festival is all about community and that’s exactly what TrueSpeed stands for as well. It was an easy decision to support an event that provides so much to Keynsham and its residents.”

On behalf of all of the team, thank you all for your support so far. We can’t wait to back in 2021 to celebrate what will be our 25th Anniversary! Take care and look after each other. Mike May, Chairman, Keynsham Music Festival