Many people are unclear as to what the Town Council actually does with tax payers money. The Town Council currently provides the following services:

Management & Administration

There is also a certain amount of resources that has to be given over to running the Town Council including:
  • Democratic Services
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Management
  • Staff
  • Town Council Offices and Equipment
  • Information for Members and the Public
  • Keynsham works in partnership and liaises with B&NES on a regular basis on matters relating to the town
  • Youth Service

Civic Amenities

  • Cemetery and Chapel at Durley Hill
  • Bus Shelters
  • Roadside Seats/Litter bins
  • Public Notice Boards - situated at Holmoak Road, Queens Road and Chandag Road
  • Maintenance of green footpaths within Keynsham town.

Leisure & Sports Facilities

  • Children's Play Areas at: Upper Memorial Park, Park Road, Lower Memorial Park,Downfield, Kelston Road, Teviot Road, Holmoak Road, Manor Road
  • Basketball facilities at Teviot Road, Manor Road, Park Road and Kelston Road
  • Football Pitches/Pavilion at Manor Road
  • Skateboard facility at Memorial Park
For information about any of the council's leisure facilities or to book please contact Keynsham Town Council on: 0117 9868683 or email reception@keynsham-tc.gov.uk.

Green Spaces and Memorial Park

Most of the Green Spaces around Keynsham and inside Memorial Park are looked after by the Bath and North East Somerset Council’s Parks and Green Spaces Team. If you would like to inquire about the use of these areas for group activities (Bootcamps, football training etc) you can contact them on 01225 394041 or email council_connect@Bathnes.Gov.UK.